In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported of 4,743 pedestrians deaths due to traffic crashes, and about 76,000 injuries, with some of these injuries leading to death a few days after the accident.


Car accidents always result to property damage and physical injuries. The injuries a car driver or passenger can suffer, however, would be incomparable to the trauma and injuries a pedestrian will experience if he/she would be the victim in a car crash. With no protection whatsoever, a pedestrian can easily suffer very serious injuries, even die from the force of impact.


Every year, the average number of pedestrians hit by vehicles reach 75, 000. Though the substantial number of accidents where pedestrians get injured occur at intersections, records from the National Safety Council show that more pedestrian accidents happen on interstates and freeways, on roads without crosswalks, and on non-intersections. Majority of fatal accidents, on the other hand, occur on rural roads, where vehicles run faster, thus creating more force during impact.


What is quite surprising, however, is the fact that, in a number of occasions, alcohol is a factor in pedestrian accidents; however, rather than only the drivers registering a 0.08% or higher blood alcohol concentration level, pedestrians  too are found just as drunk as the drivers during the time of the accident.


Pedestrian accidents are most often blamed on drivers, who are usually accused of behaving recklessly on the road. But while it is true that a number of drivers choose not to respect the right of way of pedestrians, joggers and cyclists, some even deliberately driving very close (to these people) to the point of almost hitting them, there are also pedestrians who never check for possible approaching vehicles before crossing or who are too engrossed in using their cell phone even while crossing the street.


That a pedestrian should observe proper and extra care is very important, so is a driver giving pedestrians the right of way; after all, everyone is a pedestrian at some point of the day. A driver, however, who behaves recklessly or negligently on the road, to the point of injuring people on foot, can be held legally liable for all the injuries he or she will end up inflicting on innocent individuals. According to Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, through the assistance of an accident injury attorney, injured victims can seek compensation from the liable party for all the damages they have been unjustly made to suffer.